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Content is the most important thing in digital marketing. Any digital marketing goal is best achieved with some form of web content, so all digital marketers should have basic content marketing knowledge and skills. While most marketers outsource content creation to professional writers and other creators, understanding the processes involved in creating and publishing content can help marketers work more efficiently and effectively to meet their goals. It will help.

Because content is an integral part of digital marketing, all digital marketers should have content marketing skills. Those who want to specialize in content marketing can easily find jobs with any digital marketing agency or with in-house digital marketing teams.

Virtual Prototyping Software

Digitization of apparel design through virtual prototyping software allows fashion designers to virtually visualize and easily experiment with a variety of fabrics and patterns on a 3D virtual mannequin before producing the actual garment. This reduces the waste of resources associated with the production and delivery of physical prototypes between manufacturing partners during the design and sampling process.

Adopting virtual prototyping software also reduces the costs associated with prototype production as the need for continuous production and delivery of prototypes between designers and manufacturers is eliminated. We also see increased speed to market as designers and manufacturers can work collaboratively and remotely on a real-time digital platform and increase the quality of a single, final prototype that can be digitally modeled. But has been improved.

Pronti’s Shop with Closet Feature

The smart closet app, Pranti, has launched a new Shop Shop-With Closet feature. The smart wardrobe assistant app answers what to wear and what to buy for users, and the new feature allows apparel brands to sell their products in apparel alongside the user’s clothes.

Pronti’s machine learning technology understands how a person likes to dress by analyzing what’s in their closet, their choices, their moods, and their interactions with the app. By understanding the user’s style, Pronti creates outfits from their clothes and recommends buying new items that they already own. Such technology will reshape both the fashion and retail industries.

Biometric Fit Algorithms

One preventable source of waste generated by the fast fashion industry is the disposal of garments that were not purchased by consumers due to fit or size issues. Adopting biometric body data to develop algorithms suitable for use by apparel designers removes uncertainty in sizing production and can reduce retailer return rates.

Optimizing production sizes allows fast fashion manufacturers to produce garments in a range of sizes based on fit data analyzed at the regional and store level. This is especially valuable for multinational retailers that serve clients of varying sizes and geographies with specific needs.

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