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3 Important Healthcare Careers to Consider

Are you obsessed with assisting people? Is it your mission to help improve lives? Are you looking for an in-demand job with good pay and stability? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider a career in healthcare.

1. Nurse Practitioner

If you’re looking for a more advanced career in healthcare, look no further. A nurse practitioner (NP) may be just the thing for you. Unlike nurses, NPs can order diagnostic tests, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe treatments.

There are many profession possibilities for nurse practitioners. They can work in emergency rooms and urgent care, doctors’ offices and colleges. They may work in mental health or community health facilities. NPs may also take on travel assignments.

2. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants (MAs) paintings along physicians, normally in clinical places of work or outpatient centers.

They perform a combination of clinical and administrative duties. Some of these include taking medical information, performing diagnostic tests, preparing patients for their exams, and performing and administering laboratory tests.

A major advantage of this career path is that it takes less than a year to become an MA. This can be a short-term solution to a stable career, with plenty of job opportunities. If you want to explore the country, you can also consider working for a medical assistant travel agency.

2. Nurse

Are you seeking out a profitable profession with the intention to assist you to assist people? If so, then a career as a nurse might be right for you. They work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, nursing homes and other medical facilities. They assess patient health, update medical records, administer medication, help educate patients and their families, and more.

There are two types of nurses: Registered Nurses (LPN) and Registered Nurses (RN).

It takes about a year to get LPN certification. Some LPNs choose to become Associates in Applied Science (AAS). Registered Nurses are required to complete a two-year Bachelor of Nursing (ADN) or four-year Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) degree.

Because of this educational difference, RNs earn more than LPNs. Nurses also have greater job responsibilities.No matter which path you decide to take, both are in high demand.

Although nursing can be a stressful career, there are ways to reduce burnout. For example, some nurses may consider taking a travel assignment to explore the country while helping others. Travel nurses receive their housing, travel expenses, and even meals from the company they work for, making it an ideal career path for jetsetters.

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