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Leaks have been rife for Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro, but one of the most definitive pieces of information behind the device’s development is its display, with particularly thin bezels. It is known to have design advancements to come, including the reappearance of the notch dynamic island, paired with a wider screen thanks to reduced bezels.

Still, there is limited official information about the iPhone 15’s upcoming features, and one certainty is that it will be unveiled by Apple at an event later this fall season.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro to Bring Thinner Bezels as per Display Leak

A popular leaker has glimpsed a new glass cover for the iPhone 15 Pro, which IceUniverse claims is more than a CAD rendering that claims thinner bezels for the iPhone. This new physical proof highlights the changes coming to the smartphone with a wider display compared to the iPhone 14 Pro.

The bezel of the iPhone 14 Pro is 2.10 mm, while the glass covering of the iPhone 15 Pro is only 1.55 mm for its upcoming display.

It’s not known where Ice Universe obtained the physical evidence, but it says a lot about the development of Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone and the Pro series.

iPhone 15 Pro’s Displays are Seeing Massive Changes

TechRadar reported that the iPhone 15 Pro series was behind previous claims that it would offer the thinnest display of all smartphone developments in the world. Now these industry speculations are slowly coming true, and as evidenced by Ice Universe’s glass cover, 1.55mm is the thinnest smartphone display bezels ever.

Physical Proof is not only a protective tempered glass for the smartphone, but what the iPhone 15 Pro series will soon use to cover it.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Its Development

Apple’s growth has always seen significant leaks, as the Internet and insiders have been getting behind the scenes, unofficially revealing a lot of information. One of the biggest changes is reported in the buttons, with the side volume controls seeing a significant change to a unified button for volume up and down, as well as a force-touch mute slider.

According to the leaks, the display is seeing better output, as it will switch to a Samsung-made screen that will replace its Retina-enabled display that the company designed earlier.

While the changes to the display will be subtle as it won’t be noticed much by iPhone users, Apple is reportedly focusing on them, with fewer bezels and considering rounded corners for it. .

There’s still half a year to go before the public gets to lay their eyes on the new iPhone 15 and know for sure what Apple has in store for everyone, but the company is considering a lot of changes since the iPhone 14 series. is doing With thinner bezels as physically evidenced by the new glass from an iconic Apple lacquer, the new iPhone 15 Pro could soon bring more displays, for all to see.

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