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As technology advances, so do the products designed to make life easier. While it’s easy to have a powerful home security and monitoring system, many companies find it necessary to update or discontinue products that are no longer in use.

The End of an Era: Discontinuation of Google’s Support for Drop cam and Nest Secure 

According to a story in The Verge, Google announced that it will end support for two popular home security systems, DropCam and Nest Secure, on April 8, 2024.
Google’s decision to stop supporting the systems is not unwarranted. After Google bought Nest back in 2015 and spun it off as its own company in 2018, attempts have been made to integrate Nest products into Google Home.

Considering that Dropcam and Nest Secure are among the few remaining Nest products not ported to Google Home, the products needed to be discontinued in order to move forward into the digital age.

Offer from Google to Help Dropcam Users Transition Easily

To help ease the transition shock, Google is offering an indoor wired Nest Cam to Dropcam owners who subscribe to Nest Aware, as well as 50 percent off to those who don’t. Coupon. Previously, Google promised support for its Nest products for at least five years, per ARS Technica.

Additionally, a promotion runs through May 7, 2024, allowing existing Dropcam users to use their cameras until it stops working. Google has released a statement informing Nest Secure owners of a special offer from ADT for a complimentary next-generation security system, valid through May 7, 2024.

The offer includes an ADT smart home hub, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and one year of free monitoring. The offer doesn’t come without drawbacks, as consumers aren’t happy to switch to a traditional security company.

Google’s Commitment to Nest Products: Keeping True to the Digital Age 

It ended Google’s support for the DropCam and Nest Secure systems, and the shutdown of its Works with Nest connections left Nest Protect’s smart smoke alarms as the only surviving devices for the Nest app. has gone

After its release, Google has promised to bring them to its newly updated Google Home app, although the final date is yet to be announced. Google has committed to supporting Nest products for at least five years, holding true to whatever changes the digital age may throw against it.

Even with the pressure to stay current with upgrades or changes in standards and technology, some customers may feel frustrated buying a new system after their previous investment.

Google and ADT Offering Support to Legacy Nest Users During Transition 

Thankfully, Google’s free indoor wired Nest Cam offer and special discounts from ADT soften the blow of the transition for many former customers. However, it is noted that not all Alexa skills support all IFTT integration features.

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