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How Netflix Tightens the Rope Around Password Sharing 2023 updates

How Netflix Tightens the Rope Around Password Sharing 2023 updates

In an effort to save revenue lost due to password sharing, Netflix has doubled down on its set changes to reduce account users who don’t live in the same household.

This week, the streaming giant reiterated that Netflix accounts were designed for a household and that members can choose from different plans with different features.

The plan is starting to roll out in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain for the new changes implemented by Netflix to capture revenue and potential new subscribers.

Netflix has also introduced an additional member tier for subscribers who want to add a member.

Subscribers to the Standard or Premium plans can add an additional member sub-account for up to two people they don’t live with, each with a profile, personalized recommendations, for an additional CAD $NZD$7.99 per person in Canada. In New Zealand, €3.99 in Portugal, and €5.99 in Spain

Users now have the option to access account and manage devices, set a primary location and move a profile to a new account for which they pay – taking into account their personalized recommendations and viewing history

Netflix plans to stop password sharing

As likely to leave some freeloaders out in the cold, Netflix plans to increase its turnover and password-sharing subscribers, especially those who live under the same roof.

Netflix will likely put its money there to put the ultimate barrier in password sharing.

If the streaming service detects that a subscriber has shared their password, it plans to pay the account holder.

This will replace its initial subscriber password sharing policy.

The streaming service is scrambling to combat password sharing due to compounding quarterly financial losses.

The streaming service made another change around November 2022 to allow users to delete accounts from their profiles.

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Netflix launched a campaign to prevent password sharing and limit the number of devices with account access.

Netflix has introduced a feature to manage access and devices to allow users to see which devices have access to their account and have the power to log them off.

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